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Update on Covid 19

The COVID 19 outbreak is changing our day to day lives.  At Davidson Custom Brokers we understand the critical role we pay in keeping your international supply chain functioning.



Our commitment to our clients is to use all efforts possible to ensure that our freight and Customs Clearance services are provided with no delay or interruption.   Currently we are functioning normally.


We are adhering to the most current advice to minimize any potential risk to our clients and to our staff.  This includes restrictions on visitors to our offices and on business travel, social distancing and awareness.


We are working with our business partners, such as the CBSA, to stay current on the situation at all ports of entry and to implement or adjust business practices as needed.


We have formulated contingency plans to allow for business to continue in worst case scenarios.


We are committed to being the best and most caring employer to our staff and the most reliable and open business partner to our clients.  We hope that conditions quickly return to normal and everyone stays safe and healthy.



Please contact us with any questions or concerns.




The Team at Davidson Custom Brokers.





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Canadian Customs Brokers: Davidson Custom Brokers Limited

Trade is essential to the success of your business. To ensure that your business expands to its full potential through challenging times, enlist the professional expertise of an experienced customs broker such as Davidson Custom Brokers Limited. Based in Waterloo, we are a full-service customs brokerage firm that helps businesses of all industries reach their trade markets. Our services include importing commercial goods in Canada and exporting commercial goods into the U.S.

Your Guide to North American Trade

Davidson Custom Brokers Limited offers personalized service to each and every one of our clients. When you call, we answer. We will help you stay fully compliant to the rules and regulations of your industry, as well as alert you of any possible conflict in North American trade legislations.

With 55 years of experience in customs brokerage and membership in the Canadian Society of Custom Brokers, we have the knowledge and experience to guide you through the tumultuous world of trade. 

In addition to staying ahead of changes in rules, regulations and legislation for your specific industry to ensure customs compliance, we’ll also take care of classifying and tracking your goods from initial send-off to final destination. We’ll also inform you of any necessary taxes or duties required for your goods. At the core of our services is your success – we work to help you expand your business.

Around-the-Clock Customs Service

Through our network of sub-agents and our utilization of the new Across Release System, we can accommodate any clearances of your product into Canada at any time. The Across system allows us to clear your product any time day or night, communicating directly with Canada Customs electronically.

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