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Customs Brokers in Waterloo: Our Services

Simplify your trade process. Davidson Custom Brokers Limited can help Canadian exporters and American importers get commercial goods to their customer market and handle all the details in between. Full trade compliance involves a complicated network of regulatory bodies and government agencies – navigate that network confidently with us. We offer trade consulting, freight forwarding, and warehousing services to ensure smooth trade between the Canadian and U.S. border for you.

Our Services

Trade confidently with personalized service from experienced customs brokers like Davidson Custom Brokers Limited. Our services for importers into Canada and exporters into the U.S. include:

U.S. Customs brokerage

At Davidson Custom Brokers Limited, we can help you stay abreast of the current U.S. Customs laws and regulations so that your exports are cleared as quickly as possible and in full compliance with U.S. Customs laws. We can also handle any necessary documentation and communications with U.S. Customs or your specific industry agencies and departments in America.

Canadian Customs brokerage

If you are importing goods into Canada, we can help you with customs clearance. We will help you get your goods released and cleared as quickly as possible and in full compliance with current Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) regulations and Canadian departments for your industry. This includes handling the required paperwork as accurately and efficiently as possible.

Trade consulting

Davidson Custom Brokers Limited ensures complete trade compliance, audit support, duty and tax recovery, and supply chain safety for our clients. Please call us about any specific questions you may have regarding our services for you.

Freight forwarding

Regardless of how you need to move your goods, from ocean, ground or air freight, we can be your one point-of-contact to handle everything for you, coordinating carriers, preparing documentation, handling customs clearance and more.

Industries We Serve

As experienced customs brokers in Waterloo, we have helped businesses from all types of industries – from automotive to pharmaceutical – handle their specific trade regulations, industry rules, and government legislation. Some of the industries we have helped with import and export include:

  • Agriculture

  • Technology

  • Oil and Gas

  • Heavy Equipment

  • Automotive

  • Pharmaceutical

  • Food

  • Retail

Please call Davidson Custom Brokers Limited today to discuss how we can improve your import/export process between the Canadian and U.S. borders.

Ship Soundly

You’ve spent time and money creating your goods – ensure their sound shipment by hiring us.